How do I start producing music? – How To Rap Fundamentals

You can always find a friend with an old laptop or a cheap old console – anything that will run some music. Get familiar with the programming language you’ll need; there are all sorts of resources online that can teach you (I can recommend this). Start with a few tracks and practice some bits of software. You’ll be amazed. There’s always something you can learn. Don’t just get in the habit of learning all the music theory and techniques. Just have fun and have your own way in.

What if I want to make music? What if I want to make a full studio recording?

You can either get good equipment and go straight for it, or you can learn the system. Here are some advice:

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Do it slowly. This is my rule of thumb: don’t spend more than 15 minutes on learning a system.

Do it with friends and family. Learn how to use it, then see how you feel. If you get stuck it’s ok to try a small trial.

Don’t be ashamed of your progress. Sometimes it takes you a while to find out what it’s doing to you. Make a point to look for any signs of discomfort and make adjustments to get it back to working speed.

Don’t look in a book; you’ll only learn something if you learn it.

Never, ever try to teach yourself music theory. It’s like learning French; if you do it, you’re likely to go crazy.

Don’t be ashamed of a piece of software. Don’t tell a friend “This was all made on my own; I’ll just get in touch if I ever want to make a recording”.

If you decide to do it right, you should make it fun. You don’t have to try and be perfect, but have fun making it good, learning as you go, and experimenting with sounds as well as algorithms.

In what other way can I learn to edit music?

There are lots of places and techniques that you can learn, but you can also learn to make music on your own. Here are some ideas:


MIDI machines: Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Reaktor

MIDI editing software: Reason, Cubase

Audio editors & sound design software: Audacity, Audition, AudioUnit, WaveLab

DSP editors and sound design software: Audacity Pro, Sound Forge Pro

Mixing desk

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