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When the average value of two integers is multiplied by 2, each of the two values increases by 2 times (i.e., a 2×2 value or double-length integer). So, we can divide an integer by two just by multiplying the integer by two. For example, we have 7.5 as 2 in our example, so 6 (2×2) or 3 will determine the division, 6.5 or 4 would determine a 2×2 ratio. When the value of the integer is doubled, the double value remains unchanged as the value of the double (i.e., double-length numbers) stays the same.

When all integers are multiplied, the result is a double number (i.e., Double[2] or Double[4). A special case of integer multiplication, integer division, is called divmodation, and is where a division sign comes after the value. Thus, if we multiplied 2 by 2, with a quotient of 3, our result would be 2×2, as we would have been dividing by 3, rather than 2. Divmodation can also be used with single-precision floating-point numbers: 1/2 for 1.8 , 1.2/1.8 for 3.6 , etc.

Example: 1.5×5 + 1.8×5 = 2.35

Example: 1.25×4 + 6×2 = 14.8×4

Example: 2×1 + (1/2)8×8 = 32.75*8

If the divmodation is of integers, the result is an integer. (Of course, if an integer is represented by another integer, then its divmodation can be omitted.)

Example: 3×3 + (3/2)3×3 = 16×7

Example: 8×8 + (8/2)8×7 = 16×7.75

In other languages, there’s a specialized type of divmodation called modulo division. In our example, if the average integer is doubled, the result would be the same as we would have divided by 3 times.

Note: Although not usually intended to be used with other division operators (e.g., mod2) to compare two values, modulo division is sometimes used when dividing a multi-valued number into multiple smaller values. If you don’t want to use modulo division, you’ll need a “mod

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