Where do actors stay when filming? – Online Film School Certificate Programs

The main hotel of the set is usually at the top floor of the building. If you have the time, you have to find the best space and stay there. They also have a small hotel, right on the main road. For those who don’t mind working all day everyday, just make sure you find the most convenient place where you would be able to sleep after the shoot day.

Can I stay in guest rooms?

No. The rooms are usually reserved for the actress or actresses who stay at the location.

Do I need car service to go to the set?

There’s no car service. The locals usually give you a lift to the set. There is a bar nearby the set and sometimes a café and the host will take you for coffee etc.

The most likely places you would have to stay are:

1. Hotel on the main road:

2. Hotel near the set:

3. Hotel near a restaurant:

4. Coffee shop/Pub

Can I go to lunch, dinner or a movie at Set?

No. You need to wait until after the shoot day and buy your meal(s) or buy a small dinner (your lunch). You can always walk or catch a cab/bus, or go out to eat at a local café. You can also go to a restaurant or a movie theater where you can order food. The food can be made in front of you, but I wouldn’t recommend it because it is more expensive than it is good and you might find bad food.

How much will a meal cost?

It depends on where you stay with the cost depending of the size of the restaurant, the size of your bag(s), your weight and how large you are. Sometimes it is cheaper to have lunch then a small dinner than it is the same price with a large dinner, but with this one it is better to be certain on the price. You need to order what you want. For a meal that is small, 1,2, or 1,3 liters of water, a medium salad, 2-3 pieces of meat, 2 or 3 small pieces of fish, 2 slices of bread, and 2-3 cups of vegetables.

For lunch, you can order: a soup, a sandwich, 1,2, or 1,3 liters of water, a medium salad, 2-3 pieces of meat, 2 pieces of fish, etc.

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