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We don’t think you do, and we’re right, because you can be a great actress as long as you’re smart. We just made it fun for the viewers to watch you do it. I love that. You can just be clever and smart and play the game of the show and it’ll play out. We’d just like you to stay with us through this.” After a short pause, Meeks turned his head and said, “I guess it was my fault, too.” (Gone, Girl, Grounder)

The cast of The Muppets and Meeks were invited to speak to a small group of media who were interested in the Muppets’ return to their home. (The Disney Television Group)

Sneaky Muppet Secrets

The Muppets are on the cover of Vanity Fair in the October 2014 issue.

A group of Muppet fans have developed a system of collecting muppets for the show. They call it “Puppy Corner,” but the site has been called a “puppy auction.”

In addition to collecting the characters individually, fans also buy muppets from other Muppet fans who are fans of the Muppets, such as the Muppets. (Walt Disney Pictures)

Muppets and Mimes

The Muppets and Mimes, a group of Muppet fans that includes two of the original group of Muppets, is the only group with an entire Muppet movie dedicated to Muppet movies.

A “Muppets Movie Theater” is a Muppet movie themed venue that opened last year in New Jersey and has since moved to Illinois. The theater can’t be viewed on its own, however, due to video and audio limitations but will play other Muppet movies on a large screen (and they’re free to watch live). (Walt Disney Pictures)

A Muppet Micellar in the New England town of Stowe had a muppet of himself who performed on the screen during the movie The Muppet Movie. (Walt Disney Pictures)

The Muppets are “Muppets in Real Life.”

In 2009, a band called The Muppets was able to record and release their first album under the moniker “The Muppets” on Apple Music. That album featured many of the classic tracks (such as “Whoopee cushion,” “Doofy Doo,” “The cat got hit on

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