Do I need a degree to be a filmmaker? – Filmmaking Techniques Tone Worksheets Ereading Theme

Yes. But it is more important than ever.

What do you want people to learn from your films? What can you do that they won’t do?

We can’t say anything about those because they’re under wraps. And we wouldn’t want to reveal what we want.

There’s been talk of the film being part of a film festival. Anything you can share about that?

Not at this stage, I can’t. [We would love] to be able to have a festival where we can show the film and then say we have been nominated for an award. But at the moment it’s up to other people to make it happen. You need a lot of people, a lot of money and a lot of people.

I love how much time you spend talking about “the business,” and what you want people to take away with them: This is all what I do.

I want them to think of themselves as filmmakers who make films. We’re not all writers. We’re not all artists or artists’ people doing something that has some artistic value. It’s a business.

Are you working on anything more specific now? Anything related to your next project?

I don’t know. There’s this script I’ve been working on for a very long time. I don’t know when it will get made.

When you’re done shooting the film, you want to leave this industry. Will you go back to school?

Not after this film. I’m just done.

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