How do you become a cinematographer? – Diy Filmmaking Tips From Director’s Chair

How do you move from shooting weddings to cinematography weddings?

“If you know the film, you go in all day with the director and he tells you in short order what the look will be and you go to set and just stay there and work through the day. You shoot so much that you are able to get a certain look and make a good scene come out of nothing.”

The director says he can remember sitting in the directors chair with one hand on the joystick of his camera and the other on a computer screen.

“Nowadays, computers are so sophisticated, that’s all they have to do – they can control everything. And there are now so many cameras and lenses on them that you can really make amazing images.”

With two cameras, the director says, he can put on one-of-a-kind cameras.

“One of my cameras is a 16mm lens and I use it for portraits and wedding work, for all different kinds of shots,” he says.

“I am usually in a big crowd of people and I shoot everything with 16-35mm, so that the lens is the size that you can see everything. You use one lens to take the picture with, so that people can follow it.

“Then I use the other one for street photography. I shoot everything with that as well. I am shooting a lot of weddings, for sure.”

The director says he likes to be able to use the same lens for all his shots.

“I am not sure if I ever shoot on film, but there are a few film lenses that they give out that I like. I use the same one from 16mm to 300mm and for portraits. I think it is a more natural lens.

“It is more forgiving, so I can shoot at different angles of life, like a bride or a groom, or for different kinds of portraits. If you take pictures of a couple getting married – you have to put the camera in all types of places, you can’t be in one space.”

The director says the biggest challenge for aspiring cinematographers is learning how to use film.

“It is more challenging for a photographer to learn than say someone starting out in photography – they just shoot pictures of their cat, then they are good to go.”

“You learn how to use a camera and then you learn how to use a film camera. And then afterwards you learn how to switch between them

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