What’s the difference between cinematography and filmmaking? – Best Cameras For Filmmaking 2017 Chevy Colorado

Well, it’s very, very difficult to say. We’re at a very exciting time in the art of filmmaking. With a generation of creative filmmakers who are very driven, they really think deeply about where filmmaking should go and the choices that are available to it, and how to get there.
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We don’t like to jump to a conclusion that there’s just one way. You have to be careful where you start thinking about filmmaking. I like to use the metaphor of a film. It’s a canvas for us to be creative with. We want an experience that’s fun to be in, where you’re able to see what the creative vision of the filmmakers is.

You can be in the audience, but it is an artistic experience. And the filmmakers want it to be something that is unique.

Where are you going with this film?

We’ve started an Kickstarter to raise enough money to take our movie to the top in Sundance and Sundance and New York and Europe, and ultimately have it go to New York and Europe. That’s our intent. I’m not there yet, that’s what I’m working toward.

We have three other ideas, and the next one is about using a combination of both visual and practical art to tell a story about an individual’s relationship with his or her birth, with his or her experience of life.

Do you have plans to go after a more traditional director like Robert Altman or Lars von Trier?

We’re always looking for new things. Our vision is about making something that is really good, good in its own right, and then to be able to tell someone else a different story and say, hey, what makes your story like ours? And see if you can also tell them something else about theirs. I think that’s what makes a great film. So I feel confident in doing a filmmaker’s film.

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