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In truth, it’s a lot more than that. You’re constantly building the worlds around you, both in your mind and in real life. So while filming with a lens and a camera, we’re making films.

In short and concise terms, it comes down to taking the time to learn a craft and having some fun with it.

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3. Your skills will be put to the ultimate test at the Oscars

There’s nothing quite like the Academy Awards. Not only do the winners get thousands of dollars of public funding when they win, they also receive free trips to Los Angeles. At the end of the show, a standing ovation usually goes out among the studio elites who make the final decisions about who gets to win an award.

So yes, you’re going to get a free trip to L.A. when you win an Oscar, but that’s kind of the point. When you’re shooting a documentary, you’re not thinking of the money.

Your skills are put to the ultimate test on that night. All that money you’re going to generate for the rest of your life is just money. And in the end, people know they don’t get a free trip to Hollywood.

4. You’ll have to deal with the big names for years to come

It probably shouldn’t come as much of an surprise to anyone that these are only the people most likely to ask you to come work for them. For the other filmmakers, the big names will always be around, in some form or another. But for you? You’re just trying to learn how to make movies.

So you’ll be hanging around the studios that make the films you want to make all through your professional career, no matter where you go.

Once you’ve finished your film, they probably won’t call you in to work again for years to come. When you’re done with the process of building and making and releasing and selling and distributing your film, you’ll be free to move on, and that’s when they’ll call you. You’ll have to start all over again and try to get to the top.

5. You’re going to go through the “real people” part of filmmaking

As soon as you leave your home and start shooting, you’re going to be exposed to a whole new world of filmmakers. It’s an exciting and exhilarating time to be a filmmaker. But what’s really exciting about it is that, as you gain experience, you

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