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I do a lot of work in film making, as I do with most things I do, as you can see from my CV. In terms of doing the basics – making the footage, making the storyboard and getting the colour right – I’ve pretty much always felt a little bit out of place. I’ve got a degree in animation and computer graphics but in terms of having a specific skill set, I’ve never really felt like I’ve been able to shine, whereas a lot of things have.

What did you learn doing animation for Game of Thrones?

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Game of Thrones is such an enormous show. There are so many different ways you can work, you get a different take every week. So you need different styles to suit your budget and your requirements. The challenge I had was to work with a certain approach that allowed me to achieve the shots that other people would not do. So I started to learn where my limitations were, how to get the shots that others don’t want to do in terms of pacing and pacing changes. It did take some time, but once I realised that, it was pretty straightforward.

How many scenes do you spend working on a particular episode?

If you count all the takes you do, that’s around 100 scenes in total. I get to work on the big moments with big stakes. But I also have a couple of smaller moments on each episode – smaller scenes to play up to the big moments. Once you’ve achieved success it’s fairly easy to get back into it. You’re just a character in the show. You don’t have any real importance beyond that. There’s a long tradition in animation of putting yourself in the shoes of someone who’s been there before, so it’s really easy.

Will that be the case on the set?

Not exactly. Not necessarily. I work on set all the time and I have had to work with other directors who’ve done the same thing and not had such a good experience. So it depends on the director – there’s really always going to be differences. Sometimes you can draw on experience, but then you’re also going to have to play those shots and go off on something else. So there are certain rules you need to follow.

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You’ve got a series of books

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