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The fact that people in your area are enjoying it. It should get people interested in filmmaking,” Hirsch says, “but also the fact that a project like the one I’m doing has the potential to be more successful.”

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Blocking and Staging a Scene like Spielberg, Kubrick, and Inarritu

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It’s not your imagination that the internet is the main reason some big corporations aren’t paying taxes. The reason why they can evade taxes is because they use offshore tax schemes. One such scheme is called a “base erosion and profit shifting” or BER. Here’s how it works.

1) They create a shell company in the Caribbean with a British address.

2) They pay no tax.

3) They buy some goods.

4) They pay no tax to the British government.

5) And the corporation starts making losses.

6) The British government starts paying income taxes on those losses.

7) And the money is now being returned to them at a higher rate.

So if they own a UK-based company, they can claim they have offshore tax free savings and that the profits will flow to the UK. That could be up to £100 million.

That’s what happened to the Virgin hoteliers group. The group had assets of around R50 billion. The corporation had assets of R20 billion. It paid R500 million in tax.

This wasn’t just a company with a few well paid employees. This was an empire – a major private business that owned a significant number of hotels in London and abroad.

There are hundreds of such trusts that exist all over the world. For example, the UK tax evasion scandal has the Virgin group at its heart.

The case was won by a company called Mango Limited which has a Bermuda-registered address. It’s operated by the British Virgin Islands company of a “Mr John D’Amato” – who is the director of the Virgin group.

This case is the tip of the iceberg which shows that the tax dodging practices used by corporations are all interconnected. The British Virgin Islands are the hub of a global network of offshore tax havens and tax havens.


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