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Or do you just have an innate desire to learn? I have been doing research, and it shows. I’m so sure about what I do that I get inspired to get involved with it when I first hear that I’m not in good shape. It gives you a sense of relief, and you know that there’s definitely something out there waiting for the next artist.”

The most popular movie on Netflix is The Nutty Professor, and while its premise is not new, a new crop of creators can’t quite match the impact of the first season. The second is a comedy from The Guild, while the third is a thriller from the same team. Netflix also recently started giving its first-season orders for the third season.

That brings up another question, one of those inherent to the medium: the future. The company has been slowly evolving towards a more conventional “original programming model.” On Netflix’s original programming slate alone, it has picked up five dramas, a handful of comedy titles and four comedy specials, to date. And each of those shows is already being developed by established studio, like ABC. But there is another option: the streaming company is starting to develop original content specifically for streaming (such as a project from the guys behind the Emmy-winning series Modern Family). At least some of the “innovations” the company is experimenting with could be just the first step towards this new model.

“A lot of things are happening because of the Internet,” said Roush. “But I don’t think streaming is the future. If Amazon [is to be believed] and Netflix want to push the boundaries of what’s possible, it’s not going to come from Netflix.”

Banks on the run over fake accounts

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AUSTIN, Texas — Several regional banks are on the run over fake online accounts that are used to make illegal transactions, authorities said Friday.

The fraudsters have been targeting consumers across the country, with a top seller being in the U.S. Bank on the run over fake accounts, authorities said.

One in every 20 consumers has one of an increasingly popular type of fraud that includes using a bank’s electronic account on an other account to “transfer” money through a website that has no relationship with the bank, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Authorities said one bank on the run in Texas is Chase, which said it’s not aware of any of its customers being defrauded.

Bankers can’t get into the accounts

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