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It is expensive. That is, you have to think that there is no more than what can be earned on a small budget. But it is easy to understand at this point what will be in this new film. And I know that the filmmakers have made no secret of the fact that the story is very much about power.”

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As for the new director, who will be filming “In Our Hands” with cinematography by Oliver Stone and editing by David Cronenberg, he will be working from a script written by Daniel Craig and, he told me, he “will be making all of the decisions about what happens on set”.

He went on further to say that in order to work in Los Angeles, he will need to have at least two full-time positions: one being a director and the other being his assistant. “It is not something that you can do in five or six days,” he added. “The whole time you’re really working for the film.”

With regards to those in the cast of the film, who also include Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Sheen (who also plays the villain), he also revealed that the film will be very different from the usual Hollywood spectacle. “It is a drama with real action. It will be very different to any movie I’ve done before and this is not the kind of thriller where you are just doing an action sequence. This is a real movie and I think it will work for all tastes and budgets.”

There are some other things that he will share with us which are not related to the subject but I think may interest those looking to be interested in this new feature length movie. “I can tell you that this is the second film we are doing with the same cast,” he confirmed. “On “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” we had Peter Jackson. He was very good to work with. And at this point, who better? He is a great writer.”

Speaking about his own career, he also stated that he feels the need to work again. “I do feel that now is the perfect time to be working again. I have never been able to do that. To work again after a long period of time is really hard. What’s happened in this film will have been a very different experience for me, for all of me.”

And now that the announcement has been made the last remaining questions I asked James Bond are now closed.

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