What skills do you need to be a director? – How To Make A Short Film In One Day

I have a good understanding of how to present a narrative to audiences. I work a lot of interviews. I like to go to bookstores to meet readers. I have experience with film and television, but I also like to read.

How does being a director work for you? How long did you have to work? Where do you sleep?

My work is done in my hotel room. I have three beds. One is the apartment in Lissandra which serves as my office, and the second is my room at the hotel.

Do you have any hobbies that make you happy?

I like drawing and playing music instruments: the mandolin. My favorite music is Latin American rock, which is why I choose for my concerts.

What do you say to the people who think your directing career is done?

Yes, I work. I work a lot. I’m sure that what I do should continue. If you watch the film I directed, it might not seem that I’m completely done because you see more than a few things you can’t explain.

What inspires you in your work?

What inspires me are all the things I don’t understand. Some of them make me happy. For example, you see a baby’s foot. The sound is something I always enjoy and I don’t understand why.

But then, why does it make me happy?

It doesn’t. But it is something I can see.

How do you know when something is made intentionally – something intentionally wrong?

I don’t know. It’s hard to have a certain kind of view that can be known through a film.

What do you get from working in cinema?

The ability to make films that have a particular style. One is always a filmmaker, one is always a visual artist, one is always a cinematographer. These are my major interests in life.

You work very much in a collaborative way, what do you get out of that?

The ability to work with other people, sharing ideas and seeing where and how we can make this cinema together. We share our ideas a lot and each have our own personal ideas.

What advice do you have for people who are interested in directing?

Don’t limit yourself to directors’ chairs – learn how to work with actors or get a writing partner, make friends with fellow directors and collaborators. And also, I would warn the director that they

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