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Does he really make a movie? The same question is asked of the director of a video, of a painting, whatever. He makes a film, a movie, a painting, whatever. He’s not just ‘an actor.’ He has a certain amount of talent. For example, I have a great talent for drawing. I have many skills. If anything, I’m more of a movie guy than an actor.

“And that comes with responsibilities. When director, I’m responsible. I work with the director and we work through the project. In my book, I wrote things like, I have a vision for the film, and we work through it. It’s almost as if we’re the filmmakers.”

But perhaps when the film comes out, it becomes an empty vessel? What is a movie maker to make of all the empty vessels?

“I don’t know when a movie is finished,” says Koepp. “But I think it has an expiration date. The more an artistic endeavor is, the more you can control it. When a movie is finished, you have given everything you have to the director and to the artist. It’s a shared passion. You don’t have to worry about what happens in that time. It’s a time when time is really important.

“I have to see them, to be their eyes and ears. I have to try to be like them. You know, I used to do a film with my friend and fellow composer Hans Zimmer. He was a good painter. Then he got into the music business. Then, he got into the movie business, and he could do no wrong and we never had a problem with it.”

“I had a very close relationship with Hans,” says Koepp.

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“I know him very well. I played music in his films. I loved them. I loved working with him in so many ways.”

Koepp is known as a composer and director, but he’s known best in the music community as an engineer and computer programmer. He’s been doing this for more than three decades — longer than many people in their late 30s. (And it’s worth noting that he says there are more engineers who are older, like him.) His company, DIGITAL CINEMA, produces the world of movie music. Koepp says that while he has a wide range in his repertoire — he can do a symphony, a jazz standard, even a rock score —

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