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That’s a tough one, especially since I only had one movie after being broke as a teenager and being in a series of bad marriages. We were really into the same things and just trying to make it work. There was one day I was at a restaurant, and I saw something about a local filmmaker and a kid that he’s putting together. I just didn’t know who it was, but I figured I’d go to the film festival. It’s the first time I saw something like that and really, really wanted to meet him and maybe ask a bunch of questions about what he was doing. But I was already thinking about doing this and, for whatever reason, the timing just just wasn’t there. It was almost too good to be true.

Did you want to be a screenwriter?

I’d always wanted to be a writer. I’d always been a fan of writing and would take it upon myself to read books on writing and film and all that kind of stuff. One day I was sitting there in the kitchen and I saw a stack of books and started thinking about how much I wasn’t able to do in movies, and I thought that I could do so much more. I saw a book from the ’70s with a guy who could be a movie director called Harold Hill and I thought, “You know what? That’s me.”

Did you want to direct?

I’m not sure it was something I ever wanted to get into, but it would only have been a very limited role (laughs). For that film, I did a very small amount of voiceover work for it, but no one knew my name and I couldn’t really write any music so it wasn’t really on anybody’s radars — it was more of a side gig. My dad was a movie producer (the father of a friend who worked with Harold Hill) and he suggested we meet at a restaurant, and I went over there and had some food and was like, “Hey, you know this guy Harold Hill? He’s one of my all-time heroes.” He said, “Yeah, he’s a director?” And I was like, “Yeah …” And he goes, “Oh, he worked on the last film.” (laughs)

You have this documentary film called “My Life and the Death of a Professional Filmmaker.”

It’s great, I’m so happy to have that out there. I never had any money at the time, so it definitely

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