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It’s an interesting question. You don’t really know. It’s like being a professional musician. You see people doing amazing things, and when those things finally happen it seems unreal. But when I started doing documentaries and short films, they are almost like fairy tales.

You’ll always be asked to be ‘the good boy’ of documentaries.

Yeah. I like them. [Ed. note: As a guy with Down Syndrome and a daughter who uses a wheelchair, I know that, for a lot of filmmakers these roles are really valuable.]

What was the process like to film that piece? I’ve seen it, and it really felt real.

It is. I really like the fact that I had to wear so much prosthetics to do it. In some ways it’s the most physically demanding film I’ve played in. It was like being chased and tackled by 50 or 60 dogs. When they caught me, and the audience saw my face, they would stop and ask “What was that?” It was pretty insane. But that’s the nature of being a part of a film: You have to be super alert. I don’t think it affects my performance because I’m very flexible in my body and have always been flexible. I’m just a big fan of physical and physical exertion, and I enjoy it a lot.

How did you choose that piece, though? There’s a reason for that?

That was the last script I wrote, and I’m really excited to do it again. It’s the most challenging one so far, because some scenes seem pretty complex as a whole to do, but as a single scene it was the most challenging. It was like, “What is this guy doing? Why are we putting it all together?” And then there’s other scenes that are a little more intimate, or emotional, or the emotional element of the movie. We always wanted the scene where the dog chases the cameraman to be kind of a bit more about the dog and why it’s chasing him.
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Did you have a specific vision for his arc?

He’s such a character. I’ve been playing him for 11 years. He has a story to tell, and he’s got his own way of looking at the world and his whole personality. Obviously, when you play a character that long, at the end of the day you are going to evolve. There are all these little things you add, and all the pieces to the puzzle slowly add

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