What makes a film successful? – 12 Stages Of Filmmaking

The first question you have to ask yourself is, how are you portraying a character?

Do I know all the rules of that character? Or have you given any attention to the person under the circumstances? Are you looking for a connection or are I merely looking to fill up my own story? Are they being used within the story, to tell a story, to solve a mystery, or to add a twist to the story?

Does the film follow the rules of the book, or have the characters been left as they are? Does it have a theme, character or setting in mind? Do they want to be part of something more important? Are they simply a means to an end, with no real ambition?

When making a movie, what drives you? And what do you want audiences to feel, experience and remember?

If you have made great movies, you should know that the first step involves putting a story, idea and character to screen in front of an audience who will understand what you are trying to accomplish.

If the movie is not working properly, it could be a case of not letting your characters do what they are meant to do.

Why isn’t one of the main characters a master of his trade?”

– John Cusack

This can be a problem. Because the way the movie works, audiences don’t connect with the character or know what is happening in his or her life.

It is the writer’s job to figure out what matters to you.

As you go along with a film project, you could consider trying to add more elements in the story.
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The key is to find out what you want, then add those elements.

You may try to do this with the following technique.

Take your character into character. Have a meeting with the writing team and tell them that you want them to have a different take on the story. You are also giving them a character sketch in which they can get a feel for what that character would be like.

This is a great way to know what to expect in any film in order to bring the character closer and closer to you.

You could create many more elements than the film currently supports.

Take the character and make them different versions of themselves. Give them different personalities. Change them in all the right ways so to say.

In other words, if you want the hero to love a woman, make him a lesbian. Or

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