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For me, as an Indian-American, no. As a filmmaker, it was absolutely insane. It was amazing how much that would push me, how much that would give me confidence. It really was hard just coming into my office. That’s when I realized, ‘I don’t want to make this movie until I’m 100% satisfied with it and then I’m going to make more of them.’

“I had all these ideas, and they were coming. For five hours a day. So that was one thing, and then the other thing was the fact that we ended up making another two films. The next one would be really, really big. I have this friend that I haven’t spoken to in 15 years, and I’m really bummed out because I’ve known him for 20 years but the last two years, we’ve been working. The only interaction he’s had with me is during rehearsal for the film. And it’s a shame, that was my first film together and he’s a friend of mine, and he was really great and I love him. So now we’re going to do this movie together. But I feel pretty lost. ” So that was a long, complicated, long process that I couldn’t tell you about other than, yes, I did have a life until I was 100% satisfied, and then I went on to make a lot of smaller movies.

Spencer is on the verge, though, of making the move to Los Angeles as a director, after graduating from USC and going on to graduate School of Theater and Film at USC and go on to become a successful actor, writer and director. At this point there are a few steps in the process that are still underway, and they range from shooting the script and prepping a cast of unknowns for the role, to shooting a script, shooting another script, scheduling and getting the cameras rolling.

Afterwards, Spencer got his own trailer and set up a crowdfunding campaign, to raise the $35,000 required to shoot the movie himself. The video above also shows the footage from a pre-production shoot, including clips of the filming of Spencer’s final reel.

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