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Well, sometimes they do. I do! I did it for seven years at Fox. We had a very good budget but it cost us $10 to put together. I would do things like move the sound booth so the audio mix would be lower and for them to have more time to work on it. But it wasn’t that much money to pay a sound engineer. If you look back at “The Sound of Music” it was a budget of $80,000 and we had five and it took us eight years. And I did the music in about eight days. For a TV show, you have to go and make a bunch of things and put them together. That was my job. And then you might make a little bit of extra money working on movies. That’s part of my job. But for a TV show, you want to go with a producer, and she can set the budget, but she can’t give me a lot of control because people might take out stuff. In “X-Men,” Jean Grey lost an eye and she doesn’t want that to happen. I did take a lot of stuff out and we never had to worry about that. If it was a movie and it was a big budget movie, we could afford to have a lot of things. The only exceptions were things like the prosthetics for Quicksilver, or the special effects for the mutants. I couldn’t do the prosthetic makeup, so I couldn’t do the special effects.
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When your movie is complete, how much time do you give yourself to editing it?

You have to give the editors as much of a time window as possible. I never do four weeks. If I get a script, I finish the script and start working on it. I give myself eight weeks. And then once I’m done, I’m usually pretty good. I’m going up to New Mexico to work with David and his team. David has seen me cut movies for ten years. I’m pretty sure my style is different because I’m not just doing straight cuts with no noise reduction, and he’s looking at the footage and looking at me and talking to me. When you are on a big budget movie, sometimes it’s hard to get a crew to accept your vision because there’s a lot invested, and to do what you want. There’s that difference with me. I’ll cut it and send it in, but what happens is David and his team will look at the footage and say, “What do we want

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