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The Film Finance Council of Canada estimates the median wage for a director in 2015 as $58,000.
“We’re really excited to have the Canadian director’s union and other unions here today to welcome their partners and to say thank you,” said Dinesh Karanth , chair of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATWE) – the union representing directors at theatres across Canada.

It’s the time of year when we learn about all of the major events for the 2017 NHL regular season and draft, but for the Washington Capitals and their fan base, the Capitals are most excited about the first day of training camp: March 9. That’s going to mean one thing for the Capitals: “Practice, practice and more practice.”

Head coach Barry Trotz and the coaching staff have come up with a great deal of detail about how to make the training camp practice period the focus of every day.

How many practices a day can we expect?

The average practice period can be anywhere between 13 and 15, which seems like a pretty reasonable number to me, but that isn’t for all players. The Caps do play an additional two or four practices over the week in the summer. The Caps practice a maximum of 18 times in a season, though no practice can be longer than 90 minutes, and their goal is to make sure they have as many practice periods over the course of the season as possible.

What is “practice”, anyway?

Practice is about the process of playing the game. No player wants to feel he is not playing. As the game evolves and players become better at it, they might not want to have that feeling. The goal of practice is to give your players an opportunity to see their game develop. It takes a lot of practice to be able to play the skills everyone learned in the summer, and it requires the players to keep it up until the next day when they want to throw them in a game. Players like Dmitry Orlov and Mike Green get it, though. They get it on a nightly basis, and they try to continue that up their game year after year. It is hard to practice so many times as a prospect in the NHL, but no one would argue that Mike Green hasn’t been working out hard in the offseason.

But is that bad?

No. Because it takes practice to prepare your players for game speed. When a player sees a game speed where he has to be a little bit quicker,

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