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Do we want people to take what has been done, and try and create something new, something original that they want to make? Or do we want to be a little bit more like, ‘oh, we’ve done a good job, here’s my own little idea for the next movie and here’s how it’s going to work.’ ” It’s a pretty interesting question, that one, because in order to answer it you’ve got to look at each film individually. For me it’s like, the thing I hope this film succeeds on is that it does what the film did in the past. And I think that’s the big difference.

The new version of the film has been given a very high budget of $150M to date according to a production source so it seems like this version is still a remake instead of a remake knockoff.

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In the wake of the Newtown Connecticut, the gun debate is heating up once again, this time in the UK where a group of lawmakers are calling on the country’s Government to create a national registry of firearms by 2017!

An online petition to force the creation of a national gun registry is gaining momentum, as we learn that Labour MP David Lammy (Corbyn’s shadow Housing Minister), and Labour’s Shadow Justice Minister Steve Webb (Corbyn’s Shadow Public Safety Minister) are calling on the Government to create a national registry of gun ownership by the end of 2017.

And then some:

With the Conservatives in opposition, the Government have refused to enact any restrictions on gun sales, even on gun owners with concealed carry licenses. As a result, the Conservatives have a majority in Parliament which allows them to pursue a “yes or no” vote on the plan.

The petition goes on to say:

“We are calling for a national firearms registration register to be available free of charge by 2017. No other EU member state offers such a system, including Sweden, Norway and Britain. For a start, a national registration process would allow people to see where their firearms are located within each State, and a central database of firearms ownership would allow for the sharing of information between various government departments and relevant industry bodies.”

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