Do video editors make good money? – Famous Quotes About Filmmaking Schools Online

Of course they do. If they aren’t paid well, they do.

Most video editors are, and always will be, freelance. Some video editors do this part-time on their laptop, but most video editors are paid by agencies and major publications to make video.

You may disagree that being paid a fair wage is critical. But as long as your video editor makes a decent living for his or her job, you are all for free and transparent workflows for your video production team. In fact if the camera is good, video editing is a great way to keep your staff healthy and busy (if that isn’t an exact science, let me know).

This video editor is currently making more money than the average full-time employee at his or her favorite company and for the same length of time. This is fantastic pay. That video editor has a passion for his or her job and is proud with his or her work. It’s not like the video editor is taking your money to get into a car with you, doing you a favor, and giving you a car with the best seat in the truck. You don’t usually see the video editor taking advantage of the money.

However, there are the downsides.

1. A freelance video editor’s salary is not enough to support his or her lifestyle

While it’s very common for a video editor to make enough money to live on and even be able to buy a home, this is not the usual case for everyone who works in video. If the writer of this article had a family and two kids, he or she would probably be scraping by. But an average video editor is struggling financially, yet still makes a livable living. This isn’t fair.

As you can imagine, a large portion of the video editing industry is female, and many of those women can’t get the work that they really want due to low pay. However, there is hope. If you are a female, video editing could become your calling. It’s not that hard.

There are lots of companies out there that hire “independent freelancers” or “indie video editors,” although the industry is not as popular as the “commercial video editing” industry and those kinds of companies are very rare. They’re typically just a means of paying video editors relatively small amounts of money to do a lot of work on a regular basis – for a small price. Some of the companies may even ask for these types of freelance video editors

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