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This is probably the most popular and important of all the films that have been made about the subject. It is well known that film can be taught for many different subjects (the most controversial, which is why I’m writing this blog, is teaching film to architects), but one of the key elements that makes them interesting is that there are no clear rules about how to teach a film camera. How do you teach it? When should you teach it? How can you teach it? What should you use film for? Can you teach a film camera how to shoot other kinds of films?

To get a feel for how much uncertainty these film schools have about how to teach these cameras, I spent a few weeks taking courses with two of the best in this area; David Kertesz and Thomas Nieh. These are two of the best in US and Europe at teaching camera techniques and theory (Kertesz started studying a film camera as a student in college, and has since gone on to be a successful film photographer/filmmaker), and both taught me how to properly teach film through using the camera as an art form as opposed to a gadget.

Nieh teaches film as a process rather than a thing, so this way he understands the art of how an artist views photographs, rather than how a camera works. This is a great idea. Teaching film as an art form, rather than a gadget, also allows them much greater freedom in their technique. Nieh taught me that my film would have no idea when to stop, or how to hold it – it was still a “work of art”! A concept that has never been understood or accepted by many camera manufacturers.

The good news is that it’s now understood that I was teaching camera techniques wrong. The bad news is that no one outside of the classroom would understand that! Here’s Nieh teaching me the art of slow film:

I have a video of this, available here.

The video starts around 2:00. There are so many wonderful things that I can’t count them all here, but you can check out the whole process below.

And in case you’re curious, here’s a quick primer from Nieh on how to use a film camera correctly. The video starts around 3:55.

My biggest concern is that I’m not taking these courses seriously as I’ve been taught from various film manufacturers, film schools, and other internet forums that “the film camera

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