How do animators use math? – Inspirational Quotes About Filmmaking Tips

How do composers take the information from two images and turn it into a music video. How do they use animation to create an entire musical piece of music? It’s simple actually. When I was a kid my dad used to read to me from newspapers and magazines. He’d draw different pictures from them in various spots in the paper. I was fascinated by the fact that these were mathematical formulas written in simple numbers by a young man who was a genius at the time. This led me on to the mathematics behind what is known as the Golden Ratio, also known as the golden mean.

So, first lets look at what the golden mean is. How does it work? When you measure something, say for example, 1mm of gold, its circumference is 1mm. To find out for yourself how this compares to the width of a human hair, you need to know the proportion between the horizontal and vertical length of the hair and the size of the hair. A 1mm piece of gold has 1mm of length, a hair is 1mm in height. Now, using a little formula, it works out that your hair is the following:

width = 1/2*length

height = 1/2*length

(1/2*length)2 = length2 = 1/2*length2 = 1/2*length2

So if we draw the golden ratio of 1/2 of it, it’s equivalent to 1/4 of your hair.

What are the benefits of this golden ratio, well, in essence it’s known as a ruler that can easily be used as a ruler of any dimension from 1mm to 10mm or 10 feet to the circumference of a human head. It is a perfect length, it has no width and it holds absolutely constant values. There are a few uses for this ruler that we can draw a few of here at our site.

1) It is incredibly useful as an example for mathematical equations. If you’re using these to work out where your child’s height should be, here are a few equations one might find useful:

height = 1/2*length

length = 1/2*height

length2 = 1/2*length2 = 1/2*length2 = 1/2*length2

This will give you a figure that tells you that as long as the golden ratio is 1/2, so would length.

2) It is so useful as a ruler

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