Is it hard to become a filmmaker? – Filmmaking Books For Beginners Pdf

It is hard to get a job as a film director — especially one as famous as Quentin Tarantino.

What’s it like to be so famous?

To get to where I am, yes, there were struggles. However I always knew I wanted to be a filmmaker and the challenges I faced was a testament to my determination through hard work and dedication.

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Are you now working as an actor or a director?

At the moment, I’ve been making movies for eight years, working as a producer, writer and editor. I’m currently involved in a new project with an Oscar-winning screenwriter.

How many people make you look like a filmmaker?

A lot.

What is the biggest misconception you’ve had when you first set sail in a dinghy?

I used to be an avid reader but I now have to take a dip into the sea every few hours, otherwise you’ll start to get dehydrated. I have another friend that was the same age as me when we started writing together but after we were married his reading did stop.

If we were on our knees and had no food to eat, how would you get through?

By reading on the floor. That’s one thing no amount of writing would ever make up for.

How did you end up on the silver screen as a vampire?

The studio asked me to be a vampire. I accepted and the film was shot in Paris. The rest is Hollywood.

Do you ever think like a film director?

If I could make a film in a day, it would be a fast-paced thriller. There are a lot more exciting things to do. I really enjoy working with actors.

How much time do you put into each frame?

A lot. After a few hours, if you’ve made the process of making a film as enjoyable as possible, you’ve got a lot more time.

What do you love the most about working in the industry?

That the quality is so very high.

You and Tarantino are always on each other’s case about the next project. What’s next?

I’m not sure what Tarantino’s going to do next but I really hope it’s something with a different concept, different themes.

Do you get involved in Hollywood?

I have been to a few events, mostly to look at studios’ websites.

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