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What if a woman was born to the most powerful man in the world, and he treated her the exact way the woman treated him? This is the shocking question that a young African-American mother who says Donald Trump groped her in a public hallway at her job at Washington Post is confronting.

Rachel Johnson says on her Facebook pages that she felt “violated.”

It happened in December, she says, when a black and white photo was taken in a hallway of the building they worked at, and they were told to leave.

The woman says that Trump pushed her against a wall, kissed her and said, “You like it?”

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Johnson said she told the security guards she didn’t. She left and never returned to work the next day. “I felt violated enough to report it,” Johnson says.

She took a picture of the incident. You can view it in the gallery.

Donald Trump has vehemently denied the allegations.

According to her lawyer, however, Johnson’s claims are “the most serious charge that will be brought against Mr. Trump based solely on the conduct of a hostile, angry and violent stranger.”

The alleged incident occurred while Trump was on a tour of a new headquarters for the Post news organization in downtown Washington, D.C., to make a public address on the future of their parent company, The Washington Post Co., which closed its main Washington headquarters in 2000 shortly after losing the tabloid business to the New York Post.

Trump, 71, was also a former CEO of The New York Post before selling it to Rupert Murdoch in 2006 for $90 million.

The Post reported that Trump spent several hours with a group of employees just as he began delivering the evening news at 9:00 p.m. to an event at the Westin Potomac.

The Post said about 15 journalists were there at the Trump event, which included some members of his staff.

A photographer was allegedly not allowed to take any photographs of the event.

The Post wrote:

When the doors opened, the newsroom was a sea of white, men in suits, some in ties, and many with ties and business attire of all stripes. A half-dozen male staffers who arrived with their families said they felt the room was unusually silent in the past few days.

Several staffers said that the atmosphere was a little uncomfortable to them

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