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If you want to become an aspiring script writer, one of the first things you should learn is the rules of making a script.

What are the rules of a screenplay?

There are many to memorize, but to get started, here are the basic rules of a screenplay.

1. Do not write about the protagonist in the story. This is the rule for a movie, but in the script, you should not be using your protagonist to convey a message.

2. Don’t use a premise that is dependent on the characters’ actions. A story isn’t interesting if the character’s actions can’t make up for the lack of actions of the character.

3. If there are no characters, it is necessary to establish some personality in the characters such as humor and weakness. If the characters don’t have a personality, they are just characters and your movie is pointless.

4. The second character in your script is there to establish the situation by which the character is living. There are many rules to this rule — not to use the first character to define the situation. It may be wise, but it is not a requirement, especially when the situation for your character is a simple problem.

5. Don’t use a gimmick to make the character react. You know the gimmick — the one thing that’s just out of reach for all but the most determined characters. This is where a gimmick comes in handy.

6. Don’t use your protagonist to be more than a piece of information. If the hero has problems, he’ll come up with his solution. There will be no problems when the protagonist has to solve a situation by himself.

7. Let the scene and dialogue be the focus of your script. Dialogue is the reason why scripts are written. Dialogue has too many characters to count, and there just aren’t enough words for the main character to say everything he needs to say to accomplish the goal of the story. That is why it is important to have dialogue in each scene.

8. The use of “action” is not necessary in every situation. In fact, it is usually superfluous unless the situation is extremely important.

9. Remember — no character is important until the script begins. Characters can be introduced after a scene has occurred, but that is usually when they start to feel real.

10. When beginning a script, you have a list of three things to write about in the book of rules: protagonist

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