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That’s a great question. Obviously, the producer has done more than the actor. In most cases, it’s the actor that’s doing the most. The great performers tend to be the ones that get the most training from the producers.

So, what’s the difference between a director and an additional actor?

It’s a little bit harder to explain because it’s not so much a question of making the film, it’s making the film well.

So that’s one difference between these two roles. The director obviously has much more power. They decide what happens on the set, what their goal is, what their vision is.

And there’s one difference with more actors, it’s more difficult. A director can have his own vision, but they can’t always be right — for example, one of the things I’ve learned about the world of acting is that I sometimes know exactly where I’m going to get my character.

I’m not in the frame of mind to feel how or why it’s going to go and what’s going to happen. So, I like being able to sit and think about it before I do it.

Do you ever think, “Let me do something myself?”

Definitely. I don’t get so much of my own ideas in general. But I still think of a lot of my own stuff. The films I really enjoy are ones I have been working on, so when I do work, I’m actually aware of how much of my own ideas there are.

Do producers hire you to just “act”?

Yes. You’re going to have the opportunity to work with a very talented group of people, and I’ll see something funny happen that I haven’t experienced yet. As the directors have gotten more involved, the actors have become more involved. They’ve become very involved, and it all starts to build on itself.

Is it ever a problem when a director wants to make a film without you?

Oh, absolutely. But it’s more of an issue when you get behind the camera and the project is beginning to take shape. Once a story is locked in, and it’s in motion, it’s hard to change the direction of the story unless somebody takes it aside and says, “Hey, hold on, guys, let’s think about what we’re doing here.”

But you do. And every once in a while, I’ll go to a meeting and see a movie that

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