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The trick is to start with a goal and set a goal for yourself. If you want to achieve the dream by doing your work, start small. If you just want to put up a few animation videos on YouTube to learn animation, start small.

The math of what to do and how it should look is the real trick. That’s what I’ve always been practicing when I think I’m going to get this job. (That’s why I keep myself busy…).

It helps to keep the math to a minimum in many ways too.

When you’re creating your artwork you need to be making something that people will love. That doesn’t mean you have to make every detail perfect. It has to look good, but that does not mean you’re making something bad.
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The best thing about learning math is it takes just a few hours to master a lot.

And there’s no way around it. In fact, many people that you meet when you’re taking the math classes don’t want the math. They just want the job. They want to make things for a living. They’re not interested in learning anything.

This is a trap. You’d be surprised how many artists and animators I’ve met who have absolutely nothing to show for their time. Some don’t even know how the math works. I’ve even heard of an animator say “I went into this class and didn’t learn anything.”

So how many times do you need to think “I can go from this” to “this is what I need to do…”?

For animators, math can help them achieve their goal. But it isn’t the only thing they need to think about.

If you’re starting out with animation or your next creative career, don’t feel compelled to think about math too much right away because you’ll make it all the harder.

This is one of the great surprises animation teachers get. They see some people in class who are absolutely clueless.

If you see someone who is trying to read a math book like the “Garden of Eden” and don’t know how to do it, take a step back and talk to them. If they’re being a complete pain in the ass to ask and you need to work with them on something (like a new project they’re working on), talk to them first.

This is important because you can have a conversation between people and teach them something they’re too afraid to ask.

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