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24 Crafts in Film Industry

1. Production Artist

This is the person who will be overseeing all aspects of a television show from scripts to production. This person is expected to be involved with a TV show on a daily basis from start to finish.

2. Script Supervisor

This supervisor writes the scripts that show up on the screen for the show and writes all of the storyboards so that the show’s story and concept is properly understood.

3. Director

It’s the man behind the camera. This is an important position because it’s the person who decides which camera angles a show will use and what shots to use.

4. Editor

Editing a TV show will consist of different types of actions. Editing will consist of editing, cutting, resizing, audio mixing and many other actions that will be necessary.

5. Sound Designer

This person is the person who will compose soundtracks to the shows. They will also write all of the music tracks which contain the voice and narration of the show.

6. Post Production Supervisor

This supervisor is involved with the entire Post Production process for the show. This person also oversees all of the other departments at the show including the camera department, lighting department, sound department, the costume department etc.

7. Composer

This person is the person who will create the music for the show. They record all of the show’s sound tracks for the shows.

8. Executive Producer

This person will be responsible for making all of the show’s decisions. This producer will also oversee the show’s marketing, advertising, promotion and publicity. The shows also go through many changes in time and that’s why it’s important that they work together in order to keep the shows moving forward.

9. Head Writer

This writer has a writing hand and is also responsible for the show’s concept and story of the show. This writer plans the entire story of the show and knows what the viewer’s should be thinking throughout the show.

10. Director of Photography

This person is responsible for all of the show’s camera work. They plan the entire shooting schedule of the show with all of the locations, camera angles, costumes, props and special effects.

11. Post Production Coordinator

This person is responsible for all of the show’s Post Production. This person also oversees the post production and sets. This is a very difficult role to find so it

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