Do video editors make good money? – Inspirational Quotes About Filmmaking Process Steps

Maybe. They’re highly specialized and have special skills. But it’s the way in which you use your skills that makes money. There’s no excuse for using a video editor to cut a video, unless the video editor has a specific skill that you’re specifically seeking out. It’s no excuse to make your content look nice and professional.

In short: if you want your content to be good, don’t use a video editor. If you do use a video editor, make sure it’s not for the wrong reasons.

You’re Not the Creator

“I want my work to be seen” and “I want things to look nice” are two separate concepts. As a creator, these are not just words we say, they’re the basis of our livelihoods. The way they sound in a video editor’s voice tells us that they are only there to make their money on top of their own.

There’s a reason why creators don’t think about this stuff before they start a project. The reason has an even more important impact today. We live in a time where we have the ability to take pictures and do some editing before handing it off to a video editor, because it’s much easier. Sure it’s a bit of a hit to pay the video editor (or anyone at all), but it’s very unlikely that their day job will take their entire income. We live in a fast-paced, constantly updated world, where we can take pictures in record time and upload it to the internet for all the world to see. If you can’t post it all in one day, you’re a jerk (see all the reasons here and here).

The difference between “I’m making it into a video” and “I’m making a video” is the difference between a great video editor and someone who doesn’t know how to take pictures. The difference between “I want my work to be seen” and “you don’t pay me because I don’t take pictures” is the difference between a great videographer and someone who doesn’t know where to find light and shadows or how to capture what’s happening in a still photo.

When I create a video, I put it out there, which means that I could be the creator, but I’m not. You, the audience, are. If you want your content to be seen, make sure to follow these basic guidelines.

Do the work or take the pictures.

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