How can I learn filmmaking online? – Dslr Filmmaking Kit

I have written an amazing post about how the best ways to learn are the most effective ways!

Check it out here.

If you want more information about how I got ready for my documentary, here is it!

I recently filmed another feature with a very talented friend, Dan Smith.

He asked me for advice on camera and lighting setups. I said I would do my best, but it would still be very beneficial to meet up with Dan and see our methods in action.

So I decided to give it a shot this year.

I met up with Dan and put my equipment into action once more to give it the best shooting experience I could.

I have learned some really cool tricks which may help you to maximize your time on set.

Here is a video of us shooting a short film last night.

You do not have to be a cinematographer and it could be someone else. Anyone in the industry will have a different setup for different types of work.

Check out this article about some basic tips if you are starting out and want to make a more educated decision about what setup you are comfortable with.

This guide to choosing the best film lighting setup for your production is a great way to start.

Austin Newman (@austinmakesfilms) | Starter Filmmaking Kit
My film Lighting for Indie Films focuses on helping filmmakers get the most out of how easy it is to light a film.

I really like that guide. It explains how easy and inexpensive it is to light any type of filmmaking project you want.

Check out the video below for more information!

Here is one last tip, and a great source for ideas for using the right kind of film light. It has everything

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