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[Laughs softly.] Well, I can’t do this one-handed thing. I can’t do the stunts with my hand when doing the stunt double.

The world’s largest single collection of books has been discovered in a private collection in France. The discovery is believed to be the largest and most complete collection of French and British books ever in Europe according the the National Library, King’s College London.

This was confirmed by National Library of France director, Jean-François Lefebvre, and the National Library of England’s director, Paul Harris and their respective assistants, Michael Stroud and Peter Hall. According to the press release, the library was searching for a missing English collection prior to discovering the rare collections and manuscripts housed within their collections.

According to the Press Service of British Library, they were able to obtain records in the late 1940s in which it was found out that “the Library of England, the National Library, King’s College, London, is now the largest private collection of books in the world. Found as a private collection at the request of its benefactor the late Prince Philip and his family and the late Duke of Edinburgh, the collection is estimated to be as large as the entire library of King’s College.”

The collection consists of more than 30 million books, which contains a remarkable number of copies dating back to the 15th century and the 18th century. This includes works that have never been seen before; these are books, books that have never been seen before. Among them, we can read: manuscripts of many great French writers; an illustrated diary of King Louis XV; a translation of the New Testament; a 17th century edition of the King James Bible; and so a number of translations of ancient Greek and Latin texts including some that are now lost.

The world’s largest collection of books is located in Luxembourg, as the National Library revealed that the Löwenbräu is one of three libraries that house the largest collection of books in the world as shown in Wikipedia:

“If this number is correct, it is estimated that there are upwards of three million books in the entire collection of the Löwenbräu library in the town of Lübeck in Austria with a total of about one million copies per shelf.”

In 2016, a museum in Krakow, Poland discovered a 17th century Italian collection of books, the collection of which dates back to 1400. The collection contained a large cache of manuscripts and booklets

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