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Moffitt-Smith: I’m higher than them. It doesn’t have the same urgency as a drama. It’s more like a comedy. A comedy is a lot more fun.

GQ: You did the pilot for Parks and Recreation. What inspired you to pursue this kind of project?

Moffitt-Smith: Well, they’re trying to figure out for 20 years what the hell they’re going to do. You start to think, maybe it won’t all go as planned and they’ll end up with an adult version of Downton Abbey. Or maybe it’ll have kids and it’s a drama because kids love the idea of a drama show. [Laughs.] They need to figure out what the thing is about. The first step is to figure out what the thing is about. And then we get back to each other and talk about what the thing is.

GQ: There are a few characters you played that ended up on Parks, but some others came in the door.

Moffitt-Smith: There was this actor from the first Star Trek, I’m pretty sure from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”—he was amazing. He had a great voice. [Laughs.] We ended up having to find a voice for him, but he’s an actor that I got a little bit in love with, and we just got to talking and decided that was probably the way to go about it. He’d probably have a much lower budget, maybe, because he’s a smaller-budget actor. We thought it would be a great way for the fans to support a project that they love and that had been in development for 20 years.

This isn’t a typical episode of Parks. Why did you decide to shoot it in Ireland?

Moffitt-Smith: It was interesting because we shot in Iceland and I flew halfway around the world to get the script. So I was able to fly around and shoot as much as I needed and did it in Iceland, where it was the warmest weather of the season. Then we went back to L.A., did everything we needed to do, and then got them a lot of the scripts and read them until we knew what we wanted to do. And then we picked out a script that we liked and we went on to a location.

Did you ever want to do this for an animated series?

Moffitt-Smith: I wish I could have done a few animated

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