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How hard is it to turn a movie from a dream into a reality? How do writers create worlds that you can visit and be a part of yourself?

We don’t ever have to ask that question, because it’s always right there. That’s the power of movies. We are allowed to inhabit our own worlds within those films. It’s like they’ve been made for us, that we can see and touch them.
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What does your job mean to you? Do you know what you’re getting into when you take that part in a movie?

I feel the same way about the writing. It’s incredibly satisfying to be in the middle of writing something and feel like you’re making something, that you’re doing a great job, and being an actor and being in the right room with that person. A lot of times, it’s hard to tell if those feelings are right.

Have you had any personal moments you can recall from working on a show?

No. I don’t think I ever have. And even though I know they are important, I try to ignore those feelings. I know I am working on something, but I am so involved in it.

This article is about the movie series. You may be looking for the novel.

A Boy and His Dog is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Robert A. Heinlein, adapted in 1977 for the silver screen by James L. Brooks and Alan Ladd. Set in the year 2253, the movie follows the adventures of a boy (William S. Hartman), a dog (Sharon Stone), and his teenage friend (Tim Robbins) as they travel to distant solar system to investigate the disappearance of a dog, a man, and a spaceship.

It was released in the USA on June 24, 1978 and in Canada in 1979 and in Australia in 1979.

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