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Short films can certainly be a lot of fun. Here are a few examples. A brief look reveals one movie I believe is worth checking out, and another that is less interesting because it makes use of multiple short sections.

1. The Best of the Cut
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The Best of the Cut has a simple message: “The Best is the Best.”

To a point. The film is essentially a short film about a film festival; a kind of story about the process of filmmaking and the film festivals they participate in. The film then follows the film festival participants as they experience and see each work, which is why it is a very short film, about two minutes long.

I first saw the film in August and decided at that point (my wife and I both live in Paris and I went to the premiere), to put the film on my to-do list. I saw it two weeks later, and I am now convinced that I have not had enough experience in the world of filmmaking.

2. Noam Murro: One Film

This short is one of those that make use of multiple short excerpts. The film opens with a long (but good) interview with the famous Israeli director Noam Murro. He discusses several aspects of cinematography and films, including the way he wants to work. Then the viewer comes to the point of the film: a photo essay of his home in Tel Aviv.

The film is short in most points, yet does provide a wealth of content. The interview with Murro takes us along a tour of Murro’s home and the home of his wife. The images of the home appear to have been taken with mobile phones and are taken at various locations as well as with a telephoto lens. Murro talks about his vision for his films, the way he approaches his films, and the relationship between the filmmaker and subject.

The short continues into a series of shorter stories. At the beginning we are led to observe Noam Murro at his home, before moving on to Murro working out, at one point. The sequence leads to Murro working out the lighting on his shoes, and then the lights are switched on.

The story then leads into a short story called “A Piece of Sky.” In another short, “The Sea,” we watch Noam Murro work out at dusk. This is followed by a short story about “The Wind,” which begins with an excerpt from Murro’s book and then ends with

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