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The film editor is responsible in editing film – that’s his job. And while you’re getting the production team to a point of budget for the film, as well as a proper script and set construction work for the film, the film editor’s salary can be substantial. However, what you do depends on the film you’re working on.

A director is a special case because there is no script, and you’re being trained to edit by a specialised studio. And it’s important to realise that film editing requires a special set of skills and techniques, which have nothing to do with your working skills or job title. There is plenty of film editing knowledge and practical practical use skills that is relevant because it applies to a director as well as for an editor. But, that’s a subject for another day.

The Film Editing Salary

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There are different things for different directors, for different parts of the film. So to help you figure out what you could be getting, we’ve analysed it from the filmmaker’s point of view by combining the amount of money they received for a job, and the amount of the salary that is calculated based on the number of hours that they worked in each movie or series.

The chart below shows the salary and the salary calculated in the UK – which is a bit closer to the truth – by the director and the project, so that you can use the figure as a guide. The salary for each director is calculated on the basis of an annual salary of £75,000 per year, which includes bonuses. However, some directors take a much larger pay cut than their salary – often of £30,000 – and there is always a clause in film contracts to grant a director up to £50,000 per year in pay. So we’ve done the math from each director as well and, where that would take the amount of salary into account, the result is the average salary of the film editor.

For those filmmakers who don’t make a salary cut, the figures in the chart are based on the amount of the film editor’s salary for each film. If you’ve got a lot of hours in each job, then your time rate could be lower than the one in the chart but it isn’t the case that the more hours you have, the lower your film editor salary will be. And some of the best editors are film producers so they get more freedom to set the amount of hours that they work in each film.

But the average salary is very

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