Where can I practice spray painting? – Spray Paint Art In Water

I’m afraid this is a tricky question, as it isn’t always possible to find an artist that makes spray painting accessible. That being said I have found a few sites that offer free lessons on spray painting and I wanted to share them with those who are interested.

The first is the Paint by Numbers website (see below), it allows you to use free trial classes, the best classes being those offered on Fridays.

It also has a great section on DIY.
An unusual idea with a bottle and a can of spray paint ...

There’s also a great list of artist to follow here, which is also free as well.

2) Painting-by-Numbers.com is my go-to source for instruction on this technique. They have tons of tutorial videos and it’s really easy to join, free of charge! If you are into painting by numbers, their site is perfect for that as well. Their free class is a great place to start. All you need to purchase is a spray bottle with a can of white spirit.

3) This is what you do:

Buy an old bottle or two from the hardware store, put the spirit in the can, take a sharpie or piece of metal and write down the letter you will be spraying. I used my phone as an aid to make it easier to write.

Use the metal can to fill in any small areas that your paint will not.

Cover the letter with the spirit in the white can, and the remainder of the can should be empty.

Make sure to let the spirit sit for at least 24 hours.

Take a piece of masking tape to cover any areas that you have not covered as well.

Place your can down on top of the masking tape and make a hole big enough to put your spray cap on.

Spray your finished piece.

It’s that simple!

A Word from the Author

There are lots of reasons for trying out spray painting on canvas. I love it. My favorite painting medium is oil on canvas which has a high sheen and a subtle texture, it’s wonderful. However, my friends are asking so many questions that I thought I would write something up on my journey through canvas paint. I hope this helps!

To spray paint you need the use of a can of white spirit and the white spirit spray bottle.

You can either purchase these at your local hardware store or a few online shops to get them for free from, paintbynumber.com is great

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