What do graffiti tags mean? – Spray Paint Art On Wall

You may ask how a word like “graffiti” or “graffiti” can mean something different from what it did 10 or 20 years ago. The answer is that we are all different and not all words mean exactly the same thing. Words will have meaning to different people, in different times. However, the ones we tend to find in graffiti have the specific meaning to it and will be more meaningful to people than others.

How old are we when we have first used a word?

To put it in perspective, I would estimate that a person in the late 1980’s is more likely to have started on the “graffiti” scene than a person in the early 2000’s.

Where did most of that meaning come from?

I would guess the answer is the same place that any language does. People pick up words for their own meaning. As one of my college classmates used to say, “I like some of the stuff you write but I’m gonna let you have it until you put your words to words.” This is why graffiti is so often a language that people are learning. It is not a static word but a constantly evolving language.

Some graffiti can have a real emotional resonance as the people who are doing it remember it. I once had a friend call me with stories about how he got his “Graffiti” tattoo. I don’t think he was doing it for a monetary gain, and maybe even for pride, but it did hold a lasting effect on him. The experience he gave me that summer was just one of the greatest things I’ve ever experienced.

What does that mean in terms of longevity?

We can only guess how long the “Graffiti” era will last, but to me it seems like graffiti will never cease to move because it is not a static culture. I can envision a time where the “Graffiti” tag is very popular, perhaps as a tourist attraction. It would be great to see a graffiti festival.

What does “graffiti” mean to you?

I am still working my way through the “graffiti” scene myself, so I am not a huge fan of the subject matter. When I first encountered graffiti I did it as a joke or for my own enjoyment. I really enjoyed all the crazy stuff that was going down back then.

What are you planning to do with graffiti when you’re done?

I have a job, but no specific plans. I am still quite young

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