Is spray painting easy? – Spray Paint Art Techniques

A: The best way to see if spray painting is for you is to do it before you buy a car.

Most people think it’s all about the size of the truck and how big your car is. But it’s not.

Look at the pictures. Many people have been to a paint show and gotten to know a person’s paint style. Then they take a picture of the truck’s interior, then put a spray on the interior, and then they see what they think is a bad color. Once they get it on the car, it looks fantastic.

But if you get it on the car’s carpet, or on a tablecloth, or on a rug, or something else, it will not make as much of a picture on your pictures card.

If you want to be sure of a person’s style, and know how it’s supposed to look, you’ll paint a test picture of the car. Paint around two or three spots, and then take a picture of that spot, like in the picture, with a friend, and you’ll know.
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There are others ways to tell if a person is good at painting paint. A common question is, “Do you need a picture of your car to paint?” Yes, of course you do. But there are other things you need for that.

Most people who spray paint tend to paint pretty high on the hood, the hood area, and behind the windows. They don’t do a good job for the passenger-side fender.

It doesn’t hurt to take pictures of your body and make your pictures card. If you don’t you’ll get yelled at by neighbors.

Q: I read a newspaper story about some guys getting caught with spray paint under some cars and the police called. Do you know about it?

A: There’s a big controversy in my area. There’s a lot of illegal spray painting going on in the area around San Diego. It’s a very poor-quality spray-paint, and sometimes the paint will bleed onto the cars. It’s hard to do anything about it, but if you see guys using paint on a car, take their picture and pass it on.

If I see paint in the way of cars, I’ll call the police and tell them. But you must report it to the paint shop, for sure.

Q: Do you ever get confused when somebody is painting a car or putting spray marks on a car

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