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This is easily the best part of the game and one of my favorite parts. The first 3 levels take you to your own personal art gallery and can be reached at any time. Your art piece is there forever, so you have nothing to lose, you just have to paint all the levels to complete the experience of being a player, where you can just paint the levels, and have some fun!

Now that sounds like a great game! Can I buy this game?

Unfortunately, no. The game is already finished as a work in progress… and even my own artwork is not finished yet. That’s not to say that the game is not a great experience! It is and it is a game I’d recommend to any player who enjoys games of this genre. My hope is that people will see the value that the gameplay and art offer and find it appealing to have this game made for them. However, as mentioned, the original game was only completed as a playable work in progress. Even then, my own artwork is much further along and needs a lot of work and love before the game can be considered as complete. As for purchasing the game, it is certainly not a cheap thing to do, even for the small price of $16.


Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The UK Independence Party had been expected to win many seats in the assembly, with several Labour MPs expected at the ballot box.

The British election result on 8 June has put a halt to the rise of British nationalism. It has been overshadowed by Brexit and, to some extent, also by the rise of Donald Trump.

The British vote and the outcome have put an end to the dream of the Brexit vote, which promised to turn the UK into the world’s economic powerhouse free from the shackles of EU regulations and government meddling.

A key victory for Leave campaigners was the exit vote was carried out by a narrow margin of just over two million votes. In contrast, the Remain side were only able to attract 42% of the national vote.

However, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) won many seats in the Parliament – some, notably in Scotland – giving Leave an effective majority in Westminster – and a stronger say in the country’s future in the EU.

‘A big shock’

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Ahead of the elections, we published a poll by Survation, which showed the Leave side was on 33% with the Remain side on 38%.

The first results for the final

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