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It’s up to you to determine how you want your vehicle to look. For a simple clean, you can use paint or oil. Once again, just think of how you’re going to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition. If it needs a good wash, you can use oil; if it needs more wax or sealant, you can use oil.

LONDON — A British-based artist who works on the street and in the studio has used a high-tech paint gun and 3D photogrammetry to recreate the iconic cover of Alan Rickman’s “Mr. Holland’s Opus,” the novel written by Martin Amis and directed by Robert Altman in 1972.

The painting was created about 70 percent of the way through the book, when Amis describes it as “a piece of architecture.” The painting shows Rickman’s character Max trying to escape the clutches of the Nazi henchmen before turning to Max and asking his friend and muse, “What’s up, buddy?” His character is later captured in a hotel room.

The painting depicts Amis’s character in the middle of a conversation with his brother and the narrator when he first meets Max. The painter first tried to recreate the cover last month, using “an incredibly accurate recreation of my own character” in the studio, the artist told the Daily Mail.

The painting is now on view Thursday, Nov. 30-Dec. 2 at London’s Kippax Gallery on King’s Road.

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British artist recreated classic painting by Amis

The artist who’s spent years creating the cover of “Mr. Holland’s Opus” says he’s made it look like Rickman’s character from a mile away.

In a shocking ruling, the New York Supreme Court said on Monday that police can stop and search someone on suspicion of being a drug dealer without suspicion of an actual crime.

The court ruled in the case of a woman who was stopped but not searched after police asked “whether she was ‘banging a woman’. ”

The court ruled that in certain situations, law enforcement agencies can demand probable cause to search someone when they suspect that person is an illegal drug dealer. The decision came after the New York Police Department began requiring cops to ask for warrants before stopping, questioning, or searching a person. The requirement was first implemented to combat drug trafficking in 2002, but some critics say it is an unconstitutional burden on people for “nothing more than getting out of

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