Is spray paint acrylic or oil? – Galaxy Street Spray Paint Art Las Vegas

I didn’t know this much but I learned this from someone who’s been using this one for a couple of months now. I also learned from another guy in the comments here that they don’t have to buy this stuff. I bought a roll of the stuff and got out the spray paint to mix it (you get the best coverage using this method). You mix it up with a brush. I don’t know that they are very good for painting the edges but if you don’t mind painting the whole thing you make some good depth. As you spray it on you also mix the glue. You make sure to mix it a little bit and pour it on the edges. Spray some on the rest of the car and use a rag to wipe all over. Once it’s sprayed the way you like it just use a rag to wipe the top and sides. Once the glue is dry you can paint it smooth and even by using a high quality paint spray. I would recommend an airbrush or something like that. I just didn’t get the result I wanted from this spray but hopefully it will come in handy again.

I think some of you guys have figured out by now what the problem is by now :-/ This might be a good point to ask about the wheels :-/ The front ones have some rubbing/slipping on them. They need a good clean before adding the wheel covers.

To find out about the wheel covers see the thread:


To find out why these threads keep popping up for a month or two at a time check this post out:


So the next pictures are the front covers:

Next up we have them on the other side, the ones with the rugs on them. I decided to take pictures of it that way, after all I’m the original poster here.


There’s probably some kind of rubbing going on there but there’s nothing the can’t easily fix, just clean it up and keep on truckin’:



So that’s a wrap, hope you enjoyed the post, good luck on your repairs.

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