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Yes. When I was researching the rustoleum for this project I read the instructions closely. I read the first five pages twice because that seemed to be the best I could do and that is the only page I could read in the entirety of the book. I believe that the rustoleum is meant to be worn only for as long as a single day, and that the metal part should not be brushed off as a result. That sounds like a decent idea, and to avoid the most common mistake. If you apply the iron the first time, you should get a little rust. With each wash, it should dry up faster. And in any case, once your ironing has taken place and the rust is gone, wash and iron a fresh metal part to prevent rust and ensure it will not come back.

It seemed reasonable, so I did. What follows are my observations of how my work went with the rustoleum (and, if I had to guess, what most of my colleagues would do).

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I first had a look at my first test. I was not expecting any more than a little rust on the rustoleum, because this was a very simple project that I had not used as a tool for anything long. I was not expecting to discover very visible rust, in fact I was very surprised.

I had no idea how much rust had been there.

Now I know. And I guess that for me, the most important thing in working with the rustoleum was that it dried on the iron quickly, and did not come off very easily; if it did, it must have been very thin and not very deep.

I have two theories about that. First the thinness of the rust would allow rust to flow back into the iron surface in thin streaks which would be clearly visible. I also am not sure that the rust would have been as uniform that would have allowed it to travel so fast back toward the surface.

If my theory is correct, then it would mean that the rust must have been a very thin layer as soon as it came off the iron.

In conclusion, I guess that I failed. I have one explanation (that my colleagues might have), but I am not sure that it has any basis in fact.

I was also not quite sure that I did not brush the rust off completely. As you see above, I was not really careful when I began, and as I washed the part, I brushed very little

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