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I bought Krylon spray paint in the 80’s, around the same time I was getting my first tattoo. I never had a tattoo like mine but there’s a picture of what that first tattoo looked like! I thought I might be crazy because Krylon’s paint didn’t get that good and I wasn’t even ready to buy one! But it turned out to be perfect! One of the people that used it is my godfather!

I’m curious if Krylon’s paint would ever stain my tattoo? How about the red?

No! Krylon’s paint doesn’t stain! It won’t stain on a car. It wouldn’t stain a sheet of plastic or on a piece of paper. For the red, I use Krylon’s Red spray paint. If you use Krylon or any other kind of spray paint, be sure that you use it on a clean surface or use a clean surface on something that isn’t your tattoo. And if it starts to go bad or leave a scratch on your surface, then you’ll have to paint again to put it all back together.

So that’s it, Krylon spray paint! Please note: Krylon’s spray paint is not for use where children will be or if you’re allergic to any of the other ingredients. If you want a scratch to heal and a tattoo to stay as clean as possible, then the best way to use spray paint on a tattoo is to wipe it with a clean tissue and use a wet, damp tissue between every wash to get rid of the excess. And use disposable tissues because sometimes you’ll use a tissue that isn’t clean!

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