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The average salary for a full time artist that works on an indoor studio is about $60 per hour (which is not including commissions). Some artists in their 50s earn between $80 and $100 per hour and the average is about $90 per hour. On the higher end of the spectrum, some artists can make millions of dollars a year.

How do you find the best artist to paint murals?

Finding an artist of the highest calibre for your project can be difficult, due to the time that comes with starting a business. You will have to look in order to see if your target is a seasoned artist or an artist coming out of an established studio. To make finding any artist easier, use the following tips to determine if an artists reputation is worth going for or if his or her value is low.

Know yourself, so you can evaluate what potential clients and clients want in a mural.

Ask around. If a client has a mural, look them up on social media sites such as instagram. There’s nothing worse than visiting a project and being told that a mural you have been waiting on you want cannot be completed due to the amount of time it currently takes to plan and paint it. If you can find an applicant who is in the local scene, then you can find someone who can complete these projects. Not everyone may be able to afford these projects and some will need multiple artist’s services to complete the project. You can also use social media to learn from the top 10 artists. You want to know who their influences are, whether they have used graffiti or been inspired by the work of the great artists of the 20th century. If all else fails and you’re not sure who to talk to, ask a local muralist who loves murals and knows the market for artists. It’s important to use local artists because they will have seen the value your brand (or the artists) bring to a project and may have insight into whether your brand can be a viable source of funding. You may have discovered that a painting that took up your studio has a very similar look to another painting you have created. It might be worth looking into whether you could work together to find a solution to the mural and possibly provide some help with the art creation. If you can get the local artists to see your brand in action, some good results can come from painting one another.

Talk to your clients. What type of experience do they have with artists? Have they seen their art in

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