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Here are some of the benefits of Krylon spray paint:

The Krylon spray paint is easy to apply and has a smooth, soft feel on the skin or clothing.

Krylon paint is water non-porous and won’t stain clothing.

Krylon spray paint has a high gloss and can help improve the gloss of any leather item.

It is easily removed with a solvent if you need to do any serious restoration such as cleaning the stain or refinishing.

Krylon spray paint is environmentally friendly and safe.

Krylon Spray Paint Benefits

How does the Krylon spray paint perform on leather and other leather goods?

Before applying Krylon spray paint you must make sure the item you are refinishing has plenty of surface area. Also make sure you have all other materials and preparation complete before you start painting.
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Krylon spray paint will help your refinishing work up quickly with a medium to high gloss.

When properly applied, the Krylon will provide a smooth, even finish on any leather item. It will also provide more lasting protection to the leather from scratches.

What is the Krylon spray paint price in United States Dollars?

This product is available for wholesale retail in United States Dollars.

Are you ready to get started on refinishing your leather goods?

Apply the leather or a piece of clothing or other leather item you are refinishing with Krylon spray paint.

Take extra care to ensure that the surface area and the color will be clean.

When working with Krylon spray paint, you must make sure the item has plenty of surface area and it will last the life of the product. You still need to remove it properly if you need to do any serious work.

For more information on refinishing leather products or for a glossary of leather terms visit .

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