How do you make cool spray paint art? – Cool And Easy Spray Paint Art Tutorials

How do you make cool hand paint art? How do you make cool stencil art?

The answer is actually pretty simple – painting is your medium of choice, so it makes sense to paint with it. (If you’re not comfortable painting in your own blood, consider the paint pen!) In addition, you’ll find the right techniques for the kind of work you do – if you’re a painter, you might like to consider spraying paint for your hand and wall art. But for whatever type of work you do, you don’t want to be limited only by its color.

It’s very easy to paint on watercolors.

Most people I know, before even knowing how to paint on watercolors, had never had the chance either. I think the common opinion in my area of Northern California is that watercolors are messy, and people just don’t seem to like them — so that’s why people don’t paint on them. But watercolor painting is a lot easier than you might think: if you love painting on watercolor paper, it’s just a matter of making sure you have the right tools:

You’re probably going to be putting watercolors in a tube, so pick a color to work with. I like medium green to use for paintings of the house. You don’t need to make everything exactly the same size, but use the smallest square you can to paint a small area.

Spray Paint Can Drip Yellow - Spray Paint stencil by ...
You should get the right paint for the job

I hate when I see people making watercolor stencils like these (see: the “Stencil-as-pen” craze that’s going on right now in my area):

I do not like them. Let’s be frank: they’re ugly, and they don’t blend well with the colors you’re using. If you try to do a stencil like that with real watercolors, the colors will blend together as you draw, giving you a weird look. The best watercolor stencils are made with oil paints – or more precisely, a blend.

Remember this: if you’re learning how to paint on watercolors, get a bunch of the right paints for the job, and use those only. You’ll always be able to find what you need at a local art supply store, or from eBay.

You should pick the correct watercolor papers

Watercolors are great for art, but I don’t particularly like the paper they’re painted on

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