How do I start spray paint art? – Spray Paint Art Graffiti Techniques

You can start spray painting art by finding inspiration through art, music, or graffiti. When you have found inspiration, it is time for your idea to become a reality with the help of an art studio and a talented painter like me. In the beginning I use a regular acrylic paint called “Porcelain” but you can find different types at your local hardware store and drug stores. I then spray the paint on a piece of paper and with a spray nozzle or brush I am able to get the color scheme that I’d like to create.

Do paintings require any special equipment or equipment to be used?

Yes, if you’re trying to start a new hobby like graffiti or painting, then definitely get a proper spray painter. They take the time to learn the basics so there isn’t any learning curve and it helps you if you are an amateur artist.

Will I be able to use the same techniques I’ve learned from graffiti in my painting?

Yes. Because of the small areas you paint, you have to pay attention to the details to make the best color schemes. A good painter will not only make the best colors, but will also make them easily readable. Because of this, it is not required that you paint on the same surface as your artwork. I use a spray booth, so I never have to worry about damaging my artwork. You can make your canvas bigger by putting a bigger canvas board, or just make it shorter to make it a little thinner.

I like to use a very thick coat of gloss acrylic paint like “Cerise” to do a darker version of my artwork. Other more “sketchy” brands of paint for spray painting is to add a couple drops of acrylic paint to your spray nozzle and spray. You should follow directions exactly.

How long would it take to complete this project?

I would estimate it would take between 3 to 5 days to paint. It all depends on the skill level of the artist and the level of difficulty to do the art. If you are a new amateur artist that has never paint-painted before, then I would start painting with a small section to practice your skills first. If you’re a professional spray artist then you can paint for as long as you desire.

My next painting project will be to start painting on other things so it’s time to start creating some art. 🙂
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