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Yes, although the primer is not required.

What’s the difference between Rustoleum enamel and the rest of rustoleum?

There are a few things that define rustoleum enamel, but the most obvious is the color.

It has been called “pink watercolor”.

Some even call it “pink soap”.

The enamel itself is made up of tiny crystals of color. You may have seen them on jewelry and in antique glass.

Enamel is used to paint your metal. It dries very quickly; the watercolor finish lasts several hours.

It’s easy to apply. The paint is an intense red color.

It’s not cheap.

You can buy it from a hobby shop.

Are all enamel finishes the same?

Some are. We do not recommend enamel with a matte finish. We call this the matte finish.

Other finishes, such as watercolor powder and colorfast paint, are also called matte.

Do I need to know the color before putting my enamel design on?

No, but we can give a general guide.

First, what color of paint do you choose?

To paint a design, we recommend white enamel because it is easy to match.

You can also use a gloss enamel when you want to get that “sparkle” look. You can even paint enamel with acrylic paint.

If you already know what you are going to paint, feel free to go with the first design color.

For the second design color you will need some primer.

If you have already painted this color with enamel paint, and you want it to look good, it might help to paint it with white enamel. You will still need some primer, but because of the lack of primer in enamel colors, the finish won’t be as glossy.

If we had a white enamel and wanted to finish it, we would apply two coats. On top of the first we would add two coats of the “pre-primer” paint that we purchased previously. There would also be a third coat in addition to the first two coats. The third coat would be to cover up any imperfections.

A final note that we want to make clear:

Enamel paint is very resistant to sunlight. It should be kept hidden if you intend to keep your project

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